Finish-a-long 2019 – the list for Q2

I wasn’t too unsuccessful with my Q1 Finish-a-Along list, with just one and half items from my list of six not getting finished (see below for the half!). For Q2, I’m carrying on the theme of allowing WIPs to include those projects for which I have bought fabric and/or a pattern specifically for the project as I’m sure shopping should be included in the creative process. (I’m rather good at this part, it is the next stages of cutting and sewing that I struggle with.)

So, here’s my list for Q2:

1. BOM quilt.
No progress at all during Q1 on this quilt, so it reappears for Q2. My target for this year remains the same – to have it as a completed quilt and donated to Project Linus.

2. Siblings Together quilt
This is the half project that I am carrying forward to Q2. I pieced the left overs from the Leeds MQG Siblings Together block drive into a quilt top but have now expanded this project to be a finished quilt rather than a quilt top.

3. Project Linus quilt
Project Linus have requested quilts in bright (red, yellow and blue) colours to be donated at this year’s Festival of Quilts. I got some fabrics at QuiltFest back in February and started cutting at March’s quilt group meeting. I’ve got one block made, but I need another 15.

4. Upcycled bag
I spotted a pure wool jacket on half price sale in a charity shop and have deconstructed it to make into a bag. After seeing PennyDog Patchwork’s Q1 finish of the Carter bags, I decided I’d match that pattern to this fabric.

5. Building bag
A well known London department store has brought out a tote bag based on their building’s mock Tudor design. Their bag has the stripes woven into the fabric, but I’m hoping to make mine using a quilt as you go technique. I could only find black and white fabric, so I am planning on dyeing these with tea to get a more toned down effect.

6. Shaker box
This might be stretching the rules a bit, but I would love to get this done so I can start using the box. I bought it at last year’s Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate and it has an insert on the lid so you can personalise it. I have no idea as yet as to what I would like to put on it, but I would quite like it to be padded so I can used it as a pin cushion. It will probably be something EPP, but I need to find an oval pattern.

Well, that’s another half dozen projects for Q2 – let’s see if I can improve on last quarter’s completion rate.

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Finish-a-long 2019 – Q1, finish 4

The fourth and final finish from my from my Finish-a-long list are some reusable “plastic” bags. I decided to make these as similar to plastic bags as possible so they won’t attract too much attention at the checkout. Looking at the various types of bags in the kitchen drawer, I went for a tie handle design as this will make it easier to keep items in the bag.

I used an existing bag as a starting point but adapted the size slightly to fit the fabric. French seams were used so that raw edges were enclosed and pleats/folds added as on the original plastic bag.

I hope to make a few more of these and will try to take photos of each stage so I can share it as tutorial.

Finish-a-long 2019 – Q1, finish 3

In a change from quilts, the third finish from my Finish-a-long list is something for me to wear. I got a remnant of jersey houndstooth fabric in a destash at the Leeds MQG meeting and wanted to make a simple skirt with it.

I could try to sound impressive and call it a self-drafted pattern, but really it was just a matter of making tube of fabric to my hip measurement, adding darts at the front and back to give some shaping at the waist and using elastic to hold it in place. The trickiest part was trying to determine how to pattern match on the back seam and keep the hip measurement vaguely correct.

Skirt Back
Spot the seam!

I kept putting off this project as it would involve getting out the overlocker but once I had it set up alongside my sewing machine, it didn’t take long to stitch the seam and darts on the machine and then use the overlocker to neaten the seam allowances, the hem edge and to attach the elastic. I stitched the hem by hand as the stitches could be hidden amongst the overlocking.

The skirt was made on Sunday afternoon and worn into work on Monday morning.

Finish-a-long 2019 – Q1, finish 2

There has been quite a bit of sewing, but not a lot of blogging, for my Finish-a-long list. Following on from the quick finish of an ironing mat (which is proving very useful), here is my next finish – the animal quilt for my great nephew.

This is simple two layer quilt – a pieced top and a fleece backing – as it makes it easier to wash and dry. Any shrinkage of the top on washing results in a slightly puffed effect on the back which I think is a bonus.

The binding is fully machine stitched so that it will withstand some wear, but hopefully not, tear.

I was spurred on to get this quilt finished not only for Finish-a-long, but also because it has to be sent to Ireland and I didn’t want it caught in any post and customs confusion caused by Brexit, but it looks as though I needn’t have rushed for that reason.

Finish-a-long 2019 – Q1, finish 1

Back in January, I signed up for the Finish-a-long and for Q1 I came up with a list of 6 projects ranging from quilt tops needing quilting to simple sewing of practical things.

It will come as no surprise that the quilts are still waiting and that I have finished one of the simple projects. A piece of felted wool is now a thick ironing pad.


There was not a lot of sewing involved but a piece of fabric bought for a specific purpose is now a usable item so I’ll count it as a Finish.

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Quiltfest 2019

On Sunday I spent an enjoyable couple of hours at Quiltfest in Llangollen. I’d not been to this event before, but it was localish, the forecast was good and there was free parking, so it made sense to go.

There were three exhibitions in the Pavilion. “Just One Day” and “In Print” appeared to be smaller, pictorial style art quilts, but a few larger quilts (which I think were from Colwyn Quilters and some of the traders) were on display in the main hall.

More quilts were on display in the museum in the town including a collection of modern sampler quilts inspired by a project series in The Quilter magazine by Helen Howes. I particularly enjoyed looking at these quilts and seeing how people had created a variety of quilts from the same set of instructions.

The Sunday was “traders day” so admission was a little dearer (£3.50 rather than £2), but about the same as P&P if I were to order anything online. There were half a dozen or so traders in the Pavilion and I managed to get what I was after (grey thread) as well as several other bits and pieces.

I’d certainly consider going again next year as the smaller scale of event made a nice change from the crowds at Festival of Quilts.

Finish-a-long 2019 – my list for Q1

I’ve decided to take part in the current Finish-a-Along in an attempt to complete some WIPs and actually use some of fabrics that I got for specific purposes, but have been sat in my stash for too long.

Rather than list all my WIPs for the year in this post, I’ve picked half a dozen projects for this first quarter that are a mix of those that need to be done as soon as possible and those are likely to be a quick and easy project to keep me motivated. I think it unlikely that my long term EPP projects will feature at all during the year as realistically they are not going to be completed this year.

So here are my projects for this quarter:

1. Animal quilt.
This is for my great nephew who arrived last summer. The quilt top was completed last autumn, but it has sat waiting to be sandwiched, quilted and bound for several months.

2. BOM quilt.
I completed a series of BOMs last year and managed to get a completed quilt top assembled late in December. My target for this year is to have it as a completed quilt and donated to Project Linus.

3. Siblings Together quilt.
These are left overs from the Leeds MQG Siblings Together block drive in November 2018 which I said I would make into a quilt top to send to Siblings Together for quilting and binding.

4. Pencil skirt.
I picked up this dog tooth check in a destash at Leeds MQG and the plan was to turn it into a simple pull on pencil skirt. I don’t have a pattern in mind – just a centre back seam, a few darts and an elasticated waist, but I keep putting it off as I know I should get out the overlocker for neatening the seams and hem.

5. Felted wool ironing pad.
This hasn’t been in the stash for very long as I only got it as the Harrogate Stitching and Knitting Show last November with a view to making an ironing pad for pressing blocks. I saw some at the show, but they were £20+, so I am hoping that this £5 piece of felted wool will do the job instead.

6. Reusable “plastic” bags.
Again, a recent addition to stash bought with a specific purpose in mind. I got this organza to make lightweight bags to use instead of plastic bags for loose fruit and veg. I just need to decide what type of bag to make (drawstring and/or tie handle) and whether a larger version would be useful for fabric purchases now that bags are no long free at Abakhan.

Well, those are my projects for Q1, hopefully not too many will carry over to Q2.

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